Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fielding graduate Sara Henderson Gibson presents at the 2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting

2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
West Meets East: Enlightening, Balancing, Transcending

Action Learning in Action: A Demonstration and Discussion

Presenter: Michael Marquardt; George Washington University;
Presenter: Pauline Albert; St. Edward's University;
Presenter: Sara Henderson Gibson; Fielding Graduate University

This workshop will demonstrate the use of Action Learning as a powerful problem-solving group process tool that can promote transformational learning in a variety of settings. It includes an interactive demonstration, as well as brief presentations on the technique’s successful application in both classroom and business environments. Action Learning is a group process design that develops teamwork that honors diversity in the context of both the classroom and competitive business environments. Workshop presenters will ask six volunteers from the audience to use the Action Learning process to address a real problem brought forth by one of the volunteers. One of the presenters will act as the Action Learning coach to the group and guide their interactions. The short demonstration will illustrate the key elements and accessibility of Action Learning for use by classroom or business workshop instructors as well as consultants. The workshop concludes with a question-and-answer discussion to enable participants to interact further with workshop presenters. This workshop is synchronous with the AOM East Meets West theme because one of the consistent findings from studies of Action Learning groups is that participants learn a new appreciation of the importance of honoring the diversity of skills and perspectives among group members. Diversity and inclusion principles rest on the recognition of the value each person brings to the table.

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