Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fielding graduate Gloria Cordova presents at the 2011 Genealogical Society of Hispanic America

New Mexico Historic Women Marker Initiative, publication of the New Mexico Women's Forum -- Gloria Cordova

The 64 historic women on New Mexico's new roadside markers exemplify the great spirit of New Mexico and their stories affirm the historic contributions of women. Their legacies serve as historical reminders for future generations and stand in testimony that women's history is an affirmation that women have a history.

My presentation, which featured the Latinas included among these 64 historic women, particularly highlighted the legacies of New Mexico Latinas whose histories are assertions that Latinas have a history and that it is deserving and worthy.

The hegemony that has characterized the history of New Mexican Latinas has most often obscured the significant but unsung contributions of these women. Presenting this session at the 2011 GSHA (Genealogical Society of Hispanic America) conference raised the awareness and pride of the participants in their women's histories.

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