Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fielding graduate Mackenzie Glander publishes article in Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal

Premiere Universite Regionale du Mali - Education Distance (Prem-U): Challenges and Insights for Ubiquitous Education, Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp.9-20.

S. Mackenzi Glander-Dolo -- Doctoral Student, School of Human and Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate University, Mahtomedi, MN, USA

Mackenzie Glander grew up in West Africa in an expatriate family and worked overseas as an educator, starting programs in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as the U.S. and Switzerland. She is the director of Global PlanIt and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University.

Premiere Universite Regionale du Mali - Education Distance (Prem-U) is a community college model deployed by Global PlanIt endeavoring to assist Mali in raising a middle class that can contribute to its own growth and productivity. Community colleges create a stronger support system for students, share resources between disciplines (to reduce duplication and multiply access), allow flexible schedules and program options. Though benefits may be obvious, good planning strategies that include community need and focus are necessary for each step of the way. This requires rethinking human resources, tuition, classroom space and access, language, and textbooks. Utilizing local resources to sustainably serve local need, Prem-U will to use ubiquitous learning tools to provide Malian people viable tools and skills to successfully negotiate this ever-evolving world, and to give power, skills, and knowledge management tools to Malians in order for them to run their own businesses and grow their country. In developing countries such as Mali, West Africa, information and communication technologies provide educational solutions for developing teacher training and skilled workers. Presented here are some of initial concepts and rationale being utilized for the Prem-U deployment.

Keywords: International Development, Ubiquitous Education, Mali, West Africa, Community College, Technological Innovative Tools, Distance Education

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