Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fielding faculty members Placida Gallegos and Anita Perez-Ferguson participate in the 2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting

2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
West Meets East: Enlightening, Balancing, Transcending

Experiencing Artful Collaboration: Integral Cultural Learning: Integral Cultural Learning

Coordinator: Ilene Carol Wasserman; ICW Consulting Group;
Participant: Placida V Gallegos; Fielding Graduate University;
Participant: Anita Perez-Ferguson; Fielding Graduate University; 

Addressing the strategic initiatives of the Academy of Management in relation to global enlightenment and balance through broad and integrative methods, this professional development session explores methods for experiencing artful ways of knowing that address cultural perceptions and, at the same time, celebrate global affinities. Participants enter an on site contemporary art gallery, explore themes in the work of local artists, exchange interpretations with one another and develop a collaborative expression of their visions and its relation to an integrative approach to making meaning of global management challenges and opportunities. The structure of this interactive session challenges the participant in broad and integrative ways of finding meaning and expressing difference; of appreciating difference and approaching understanding across multiple cultures and sensibilities. The session reaches beyond the Academy membership to engage local community artists and entrepreneurs. It provides a model for a real world teaching application that is actionable in any venue. The session is designed to directly correlate to participant learning and professional career enhancement by expanding the participant’s social capital through an experiential session that also includes an opportunity to discover related research. The design incorporates the Jones & McEwen model; A Conceptual Model of Multiple Dimensions of Identity (2000). It provides a framework for balancing Core attributes, identity and characteristics and Context, including family background, socio cultural conditions, current experiences and career decisions and life planning.

Key Words: Multicultural/Global, Careers, Integral

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