Friday, September 9, 2011

Fielding graduate Maaskelah Thomas publishes book

Calling the Elders: Reclaiming and Transforming Our Communities Through Elder Wisdom: A Guide and Toolkit for Developing Local Councils of Elders -- Maaskelah Kimit Thomas PhD

Councils of Elders are a unique and historical human development construct. Councils of Elders have their roots in indigenous African communities which viewed the Elders as repositories of knowledge and wisdom, and more importantly, as the guardians and purveyors of a community's values, traditions, norms and interests. Likewise, Councils of Elders represent a significant stage along the rites of passage continuum from youth through elderhood and on through transition into esteemed ancestry. This is a simple guidebook, designed for those interested in our continuance. In it you will find one model for community Councils of Elders, along with practical steps and processes for ways to engage our entire community in reconnecting the links that have historically been our strength.

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