Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fielding graduate Hamdy Youssef presents at National Session 2011

Fielding Graduate University
Research Poster Session at National Session 2011
Alexandria, VA

The Role Of Globalization And Institution In Shaping Local Knowledge In The National Awards For Excellence Program In Egypt -- Hamdy Youssef, PhD, Alumnus (2007), School of Human and Organizational Development

The purpose of this research is to study the National Awards for Excellence (NAFE) program in Egypt which was adopted from what is known in the USA as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program. I extended the current stock of knowledge by exploring multiple theoretical accounts and building on Michael Burawoy’s (1998) extended case method in which I used ethnographic interviews and observation as the primary source of data collection.

First, I developed an understanding of how a national program in a developing country can adopt Western business practices in response to the challenge of globalization while at the same time; translate these practices into the national culture of its own. Second, I explored the dynamics within institutional settings that impact, foster or constrain the NAFE program.

The research findings contribute to theory development in two areas: first, how legitimacy building is theorized from an institutional perspective; and second, the impact of micro-level routinization on knowledge creation and organizational learning. The findings also explore the relationship between theory and practice (or structure and action), thus raising questions about relations between the two.

Like any exploratory research, I end with more questions than answers that may help understand the emergent institutional qualities of new practices. I argue that there is a need for more research to understand institutions by using multiple levels of analysis and drawing on broader disciplines and fields; and how connecting institutions at one level may create new institutions at another. In particular, further research using other theoretical frameworks such as social network, social capital, power relations, or evolutionary economics could help understand the complex nature of institutions.

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