Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fielding graduate Holly McKinzie Beene wins Fulbright to lecture in Bacau, Romania.

Fulbright Scholar, Spring 2012, for lecturing at Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, Romania -- Holly McKinzie Beene

The project focus is intercultural communication theory and communication competence. The centerpiece of the project is a special topics course "Communication, Culture, and Globalization" for graduate students studying in either (a) Anglophone Cultures & Communication Practices or (b) English & Discursive Practices. Collateral activities include establishing an American Culture Club and facilitating Digital Storytelling workshops. 

The Department has requested special attention to (a) imagology, the development of national stereotypes; and (b) glocalization, the integration of local and global forces through a heightened understanding of cultural components.  Glocalization, originally applied to business and manufacturing processes, is also of interest in terms of various "literacies." Brooks & Normore (2010) expand on educational components and nine domains leading to glocal competence: political literacy, economic literacy, cultural literacy, moral literacy, pedagogical literacy, information literacy, organizational literacy, spiritual and religious literacy, and temporal literacy. [Brooks, Jeffrey S. and Anthony H. Normore. Educational Leadership and Globalization: Literacy for a Glocal Perspective. Educational Policy 24.1 (2010): 52-82.]

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