Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fielding graduate Jonathan Brennan publishes Choosing a Good Road textbook

The purpose of the Choosing a Good Road textbook is to give students the tools they need to succeed in high school and be ready for college and career.

Graduation rates from high schools in the United States are frustratingly low and schools have major challenges in promoting student effectiveness.

- Fewer than 70% of students graduate from high school
- 48% or fewer graduate in the 50 largest school districts
- The achievement gap for at-risk students: graduation rates well below 50%

Students who do graduate are often not well prepared for college and the workplace. The challenges are enormous and require a fresh approach.

The Choosing a Good Road textbook offers middle & high school students:

- 36 Learning Skills to Improve Learning Outcomes
- 9 Effectiveness Skills to Increase Student Performance
- Brain-Based Strategies to Promote Active Learning
- Life Purpose & Mission Statement Activities
- A Framework for Setting Life & Learning Goals
- An Opportunity to Clarify & Apply Personal Values
- Methods to Shift Negative Beliefs to More Productive Mindsets
- More Effective Peer Pressure & Positive Assertiveness Skills
- Systems to Enhance Organization & Efficiency
- Creative & Critical Thinking Approaches for Better Problem Solving
- Diversity Awareness & Management Strategies
- Leadership & Communication Tools
- Mindfulness Practices & Improved Focus Skills

Educators who are tired of classroom management problems and poor student performance, and would like students to become better learners and critical thinkers, might consider using the proven strategies in learner effectiveness found in Choosing a Good Road. The textbook and tools from the workshop can be used in life skills, leadership and core content classes, or in special programs. A more detailed explanation of the challenges and the solutions can be found at

Jonathan Brennan, PhD, EdD

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