Monday, May 14, 2012

Fielding student Dorianne Cotter-Lockard will co-facilitate a symposium at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Meditation as a leadership practice
Meditating Leadership

Facilitator: Richard Jackson Major; CERGAM, Institute d’Administration des Entreprises d’Aix-en-Provence;
Facilitator: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard; Fielding Graduate Institute;
Panelist: Andre L Delbecq; Santa Clara U.;
Panelist: Stuart Lord; Naropa U.;
Panelist: Jean Robert Ouimet; To God Go Foundation;

“Leadership is expected to ensure increasingly high levels of performance while dealing daily with continuously intensifying organizational complexity and disruption. To meet this expectation - and develop the ability to foster inclusive and engaging work environments-, leaders are required to step back on both events and on their own thinking process and emotional reactions. In the proposed panel symposium, three senior “meditating” leaders will describe their meditation practices and how these have influenced their attitude and capabilities at work. They will compare personal practices and observations of how these practices have impacted the organizations with which they have worked. The panelists will aim to provoke the audience to reflect on how organizations might benefit from meditative leaders. Academics and practitioners concerned by workplace and leadership performance will gain awareness of real life techniques and practices that increase managerial and organizational performance.”

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