Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fielding graduate Luann Fortune presents paper at the Interdisciplinary Coalition for North American Phenomenologists Annual Meeting

Embodiment in Multiple Disciplines: A Model for Phenomenology and Interdisciplinary Study -- Luann Fortune

Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Interdisciplinary Coalition for North American Phenomenologists (ICNAP). Shirlington, VA, May, 2011.

Luann Fortune, LMT, NCBTMB, MA, PhD is part-time faculty in Saybrook’s College of Mind-Body Medicine. Luann is a teacher, scholar, and licensed massage therapist and bodywork instructor. Luann has an extensive management background in the private sector, and is currently the principal in a private practice delivering wellness consultation, educational services, and massage therapy to businesses and the community in the greater Washington, DC area. Dr. Fortune’s research focuses on the holistic aspects of massage and alternative wellness practices, as well as somatic awareness and embodiment techniques for scholarship, research, and practice. Her writings and publications span multiple disciplines, and promote translational value in scholarship and practice.

In 2009, Fielding Graduate University introduced a doctoral course titled Embodiment of Knowledge. Participants used phenomenology as a transdisciplinary platform for critique and conversation of multidisciplinary literature. The original course design leveraged the range and synergy of embodiment readings. Supported by tenets from phenomenology, the students embodied new knowledge by challenging disciplinary boundaries. Multidisciplinary conversations developed progressively and dynamically, ultimately transcending established limitations to create new knowledge. The structure used for this course can be applied to other topics, and constitutes an approach for interdisciplinary teaching and inquiry that has pedagogical application for lower as well as higher education.

Key Words: education model, multidisciplinary, Mode 2 knowledge, pedagogy, somatics, transdisciplinary

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