Monday, August 13, 2012

Joyce N. Vitalo completes dissertation in the School of Educational Leadership and Change

Gender Related Factors and Female Morale in a Telecommunications Organization, Joyce N. Vitalo

This study was about gender related experiences in connection with the morale of female managers in a large cable multi-system operator where the majority of leaders are male. Organizational culture in traditional male dominated organizations embraces male leadership styles and behaviors. Gender inequality is a very serious issue in today’s very competitive business environment.

The purpose of this study was to determine gender related factors impacting the morale of female leaders in the company. These results might also suggest ways to strengthen morale among women within organizations. Participants also shared their perceptions of their workplace culture, the experiences of female managers, their morale and how it aligned with the company’s inclusion policy.

The Delphi method was used in this study. Participants were female managers who responded to an online survey to indicate gender related factors that impacted their morale. These individuals were in the age categories from their 40s to their 50s and had varying work experiences and levels of responsibility within the organization

The culture and communication norms in the company were reported as core factors that impacted morale. The lack of respect and positive communication from leadership and direct supervisors were identified as decreasing morale among female managers. A recommendation from the study is to align communication styles and leadership styles with the organization’s diversity statement.

Female managers and employees at all levels need to feel valued and respected and to have a voice. Morale is negatively impacted when there is a disconnection in communication between leaders and managers. Retraining of all leadership and managers in the organization may realign the organization and have a positive impact on morale. The discussion outlines steps for this process

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