Friday, September 14, 2012

Silvina G. Paciencia Bamrungpong completes dissertation in the School of Human and Organizational Development

Stories in Motion: Inviting Immersive Possibilities through the Chimera of Transmedia and Chameleon of Mediatecture, Silvina G. Paciencia Bamrungpong

Narratives are part of human culture; they provide a fundamental epistemological structure that assists us in making sense of the world. Narratives are the connection between discourse and story that have extended through various media. With the advancements made in technology, stories can be archived easily, accessed quickly, transferred among several devices, and readily modified and reconstructed in an infinite number of ways. Recently creators have begun to conceive narratives designed with more than one medium to be used simultaneously. Each medium tells a different aspect of the story or connects it in a different way. Transmedia storytelling takes key elements of a story and disperses them systematically across multiple media toward the creation of an integrated and coordinated experience for an intended audience. While a transmedia method may extend a story or storyworld, the introduction of mediatecture would diffuse the boundaries of digital and physical worlds even further. Mediatecture uses the collaboration of electronic and digital media in the physical environment to shape the perception of daily life through moving images that leave the confines of specific media and become part of physical space. This dissertation work endeavors to explore the terrain of transmedia and the topography of mediatecture to illuminate the powerful way story engages audiences through imagined storyworlds. Guided by this research this work introduces the Stories in Motion (SIM) approach that proposes using the techniques and tools of transmedia and mediatecture concurrently as an invitation for audiences to immerse themselves within a story or storyworld and temporarily enter into the reality of the created world.

Keywords: Immersion, Mediatecture, Stories in Motion, Story, Transmedia, Transmedia Storytelling

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