Monday, October 8, 2012

Jorrie S. MacKenzi completes dissertation in the School of Psychology

Vulnerability to Engaging in HIV High-Risk Sex Behavior: Correlates from Russian MMPI-A and Worldview Assessment Instrument, Jorrie S. MacKenzie

Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to contracting HIV infection through high-risk sex behaviors. Personality traits and worldview orientation can influence participation in high-risk sex behaviors that result in negative health outcomes for adolescents. Culture and tradition shape adolescent behavior. Adolescents must successfully adapt, cope, and maneuver through the social, political, economic, and religious elements inherent in their environment. These factors significantly influence the quality and depth of adolescent knowledge of HIV transmission and their vulnerability to HIV infection. While prophylactic education is an effective countermeasure to the rapid spread of HIV infection among adolescent populations, it should be sensitive to adolescent personality traits and worldviews that predispose adolescents to substantial risk for contracting HIV. This study focuses on Russian adolescent personality and worldview attitude profiles that may suggest vulnerability to engaging in high-risk sex behavior that would predispose them to HIV infection.

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