Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Ontological Reset: Towards A New Synthesis: Critical Theory & Phenomenology Transcending The Problematique: An Auto-Ethnographic Philosophical Study On Praxis, Subjective Reflection, and Inter-Subjective Communication"

William Francis Klein, Fielding's School of Educational Leadership & Change

We now exist in an era where for the first time, symbolic representation may precede the natural world in human experience. Aristotle’s a priori terrain has been upstaged. We are changing the nature of our own evolution in profound ways. The question becomes, “How do we transcend the chaos of meaning in this post-modern condition or problematique?” This research identifies an integrative synthesis or pathway towards transcending epistemic barriers to subjective communication and meaning while identifying what might be done in the way of subjective praxis.

Key Words: Apoesis, classical liberalism, critical theory, discourse, ethnography, existentialism, holistic, hyper-modern, libertarian, materialism, metaphysics, moral relativity, neoconservatism, neo-liberalism, materialism, new media, objectivism, ontology, non-ideological phenomenology, phronesis, positivism, post-modern, praxis, problematique, public relations, reflexive, relativity, scientific realism, semiotics, social ecology, social Darwinism, social libertarian, stratification, structuralism, subjectivism, transactional, transcendence, transcendental, transformational, utilitarianism

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