Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adolescent GPA and Anger Expression

Ashlee Orozco, Student, School of Psychology; Mindy Stutzman-Moore, Student, School of Psychology; Anthony Greene, Faculty, School of Psychology

Research shows there is a correlation between emotional intelligence and academic achievement (Fernandez, Salamonson, and Griffiths, 2012; Parker, Creque, Barnhart, Harris, Majeski, Wood, Bond and Hogen, 2004). However, are adolescents with higher emotional intelligence and higher GPAs better at healthier expressions of anger than those with lower emotional intelligence and GPAs? Presently, no studies have looked at this relationship. The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a correlation between GPAs and anger expression. This was done by using a demographic questionnaire, the Structured Anger Assessment Interview (SAAI), an 18-30 minute interview used to assess the duration, frequency, expression, and intensity of anger feelings. The State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI), a self-reported assessment of anger and anger expression, was also used to identify the nature and content of anger expressed in adolescent. It is hypothesized that adolescents with higher GPAs will have more healthy anger expression. It is also hypothesized that female adolescents will be higher in their emotional intelligence and their GPA, having healthier anger expressions than male adolescents.

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