Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Multicultural Competence in Psychology Graduate Trainees

Vijaya Siddalingappa, Fielding's School of Psychology

The rationale for addressing diversity competency in trainees is due to the diversification of minority population the U. S. It is important to study multicultural counseling competence (MCC) due to the increase in ethnic minority population. As future psychologists, psychology graduate trainees need to develop MCC to address the low utilization rates of mental health services by Asian Americans. Multicultural research and literature emphasizes the importance of knowledge and awareness of the client’s worldviews in increasing multicultural counseling competency in therapists, and psychology trainees. It has been well documented that a competent counselor is one who not only understands his or her worldview, but also takes an active stance in understanding the worldview of the client.

This study addressed the call for increased multicultural competence in relation to worldviews of individualism-collectivism in general, and more specifically whether trainees’ endorsement of Collectivism worldview (most important to Asian Americans) will impact their self-perceived multicultural counseling competence with Asian American clients.

Results indicate that endorsement of collectivism worldview was significantly related to their self-perceived multicultural counseling competence.

Key words: multicultural counseling; perceived multicultural counseling competency; collectivism worldview.

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