Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Variation in Beliefs about Social Justice by Ethnicity, Gender, and Income at Fielding Graduate University

Hoffman, T., Metivier, J., Turner, R., Elliot, A., Wong, T., Dennis, C., Ives, N., Vivian, J., Newton, R. & Osherson, S.

How much does variation in social demographic variables influence attitudes towards social justice? The Fielding website states that students should be committed to social justice. Our survey of almost 200 Fielding students indicates, in fact, a very high commitment to social justice, although attitudes vary according to demographic variables.
 We found significant differences in ethnicity, gender, and income, indicating that African American Fielding students report greater commitment to social justice action than Caucasian students. Research also indicated that the African American sample was more traditional and more conservative in their political attitudes than Caucasians. Similarly, African American female Fielding students were more committed to social justice than all other groups. Differences among ethnicities in attitudes toward social justice were unconnected to income. However, there was a small but significant inverse correlation between income and commitment to social justice.

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