Friday, August 5, 2011

Fielding graduate Anne Litwin publishes article in the Center for Gender in Organizations, Simmons School of Management, CGO Insights

Women Working Together: Understanding Women's Relationships at Work. Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO), Simmons School of Management. March, 2011. CGO Insights.

Myth-busting research on women's relationships at work, with solutions for greater productivity, retention and morale. Available in workshop, keynote and training formats.

For the most part, women work together well. For starters, many women have similar experiences of gender role expectations, preferences for how to communicate and get things done, and a history of operating in "a man's world."  Yet the latest research clearly shows that many women struggle in their workplace relationships with other women. These struggles impact everything from communication and trust-building to efficiency and morale. It can be frustrating for women, and a bottom-line concern for employers.

Anne Litwin knows the reality of women at work. Her research into women's relationships and communication at work has revealed startling paradoxes that contribute to many women's negative experiences with each other in the workplace. Beyond the usual discussion of male norms at work, Litwin exposes key sources of confusion and misunderstanding between women colleagues, and offers powerful solutions and tools for preventing and resolving conflict that result in better relationships, and most importantly, in increased productivity and retention.

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