Friday, October 14, 2011

Fielding student Elsie Uffelmann presents at National Session 2011

Fielding Graduate University
Research Poster Session at National Session 2011
Alexandria, VA

Predicting Recovery in Alcohol-dependent Individuals with Primary Depression: Focus on Craving and Simple Carbohydrate Consumption -- Elsie Uffelmann, Student, School of Psychology

Psychobiological variables were the main focus of this study on alcohol recovery and relapse in a subgroup of alcohol-dependent individuals (ADs) who were depressed before becoming addicted. Data gleaned from questionnaires and food logs indicated that alcohol craving predicted shorter recovery time among six variables studied. Relapses correlated positively with sugar consumption and depression, and sweet craving correlated positively with depression. Responses to open-ended questions, categorized by themes, revealed a sharp increase in sugar consumption in early recovery and that the same three affects -- sadness, fear, and anger -- presaged the consumption of both alcohol and sugar. Results provided support for the self-medication hypothesis (SMH) (Khantzian & Albanese, 2008) and suggested that alcohol craving and negative affect should be monitored and managed during treatment.

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