Monday, October 17, 2011

Fielding students Jennifer Oeding, JoAnn West, Kevin Weatherly, and faculty member Rae Newton present at Summer Session 2011

Fielding Graduate University
Research Poster Session at National Session 2011
Alexandria, VA

Sexual Behavior Among Child Witnesses to Intimate Partner Violence -- Jennifer Oeding, MA, Student, School of Psychology, JoAnn West, MA, Student, School of Psychology, Kevin Weatherly, MA, Student, School of Psychology and Rae Newton, PhD, Faculty, School of Psychology

Data taken from the Longitudinal Studies on Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN) project were analyzed to examine whether witnessing intimate partner violence (IPV) significantly affected sexual behaviors at age twelve, and whether such effects would be moderated by depression. This study built on existing bodies of research in three domains: the impact of witnessing IPV on children, the development of depression during childhood, and the sexual behavior of children (up to and including age 12). Research has explored the connections between these variables, but no single study has examined the relationship among the three variables.

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