Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ronald William Ball completes dissertation in the School of Human and Organizational Development

The Relationship of Academic Self-Concept and Social Competence in Learning-Disabled Early Adolescents, Ronald William Ball

This correlational study was designed to measure the possible relationship of two social science constructs and five demographic variables in learning-disabled early adolescents. Sixty-seven learning-disabled early adolescents in grades 7 and 8 served as subjects. Data gained from two construct variables (Academic Self-Concept and Social Competence) and five demographic variables (Age, Ethnicity, Language, Gender, and Grade level) was gathered and statistically analyzed. Based on the data analysis, there was not a statistically significant relationship with the two construct variables of Academic Self-Concept and Social Competence. Statistically significant correlations occurred in three relationships. Gender was significantly correlated with both the constructs of Academic Self-Concept and Social Competence. English-Language Learners and the construct of Academic Self-Concept was also significantly correlated.

Key Words: learning-disabled students; academic self-concept; social competence; learning disability; early adolescence; special education; English-Language Learners; middle school students

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